Vaccination and Prevention


The price of the vaccination is based on the type and duration of the vaccine. Although Czech republic is rabies-controlled country since the 2004, the anti-rabies vaccinations is still obligatory in dogs by law.

There are differences in vaccines, especially in their duration. There are annual vaccines. There are vaccines that last three years right after the first application. Some vaccines are valid for a year but after the second booster can be valid for three years. We always consult the choice of the vaccine with the owner,  always trying to stay with the same type that the pet have had before without adverse reaction and thus we eliminate also interactions among different vaccines.

In dogs the standard recommended vaccination is a combination of five different infectious diseases (virus of laryngotracheitis, leptospirosis, distemper, parvovirus and parainfluenza). In specific cases we also vaccinate against kennel cough or tetanus in susceptible animals. According to owner’s requirements we can also provide vaccination against borreliosis or fungal infections caused by Microsporum canis.
In cats there are no obligatory vaccinations. However we recommend a basic combination of three infectious diseases (herpesvirus, calicivirus, panleucopenia). This vaccination should be applied in all the outdoors cats or strictly indoors cats that share the home with outdoors animals. It is also recommended in case you are acquiring a new cat family member, especially kitten.

Rabies vaccination in cats isn’t obligatory, only in cases of traveling abroad within and outside of European union. Traveling also requires a pet passport, mentioned bellow. We also recommend rabies vaccination in cats that can access the borders with rabies uncontrolled countries (Poland, Slovakia etc.) without restrictions.

Puppies and kittens that are being vaccinated for the first time need a booster vaccination in three to four weeks. The same principle works also for animals where the owner misses the regular annual revaccination. We vaccinate only healthy animals. If there is any doubt of the health state of your animal, please inform the attending doctor before applying the vaccination. Every vaccination is accompanied by a clinical examination and a number of questions regarding the health state of your pet. If there are any doubts about your animal being healthy, the vaccination will be postponed.

Bad health condition can influence the reaction to the vaccination. The vaccination can make it worse or simply the immune system will not be strong enough to create the proper immunity. Even if your pet is apt for regular vaccination from whatever reason we still recommend periodic preventative visits.

Since 15th of January 2020 all dogs are legally obliged to be microchipped. Any dog older than 6 months that doesn’t have a microchip is considered not vaccinated. Microchip application is fast, simple and can be compared to a subcutaneous injection. It is placed on the left side of the neck, no preparation of the application site is needed. It can be combined with other preventatives like for example vaccination.

Price of the microchip includes application and also automatic registration into a national microchip register. We will fill in all the information with you at the clinic. If you wish to do the register on your own we can discount that from the final price.
Pet passport can be done directly a the clinic. It is necessary for traveling inside European union but also outside of European union. In order to make the passport valid the animal has to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. It can all be done during one visit. If you consider traveling in the future we recommend to start the passport with the first vaccinations and microchip application in a puppy and a kitten. Making a passport usually takes about 20 minutes. We kindly ask to try and book an appointment for the pet passport during the week days.


Vaccination and prevention price list

Vaccination dog
350 - 750,- Kč
Vaccination cat
350 - 600,-Kč
Vaccination rabbit
200 - 350,- Kč
Microchipping (microchip without/with registration)
450 - 650,-Kč
Preventive actions:
Nail trimming (small dog, large dog)
80 - 100,- Kč
Anal glands (only cleaning)
80,- Kč
Deworming (based on the animal size)
60 - 150,- Kč