Hospitalization and Post surgery care


Certain patients, mainly the cases of animals that don’t eat, drink or the suffer failure of the vital internal organs (for example kidneys, liver etc.), must be stabilized on the infusion therapy. The infusion therapy can last several hours or days, depending on the severity of the case.

First we have to place an intravenous catheter usually in one of the front legs. The in catheter is used to apply the intravenous fluids. The amount of fluids and the rate is controlled by an infusion pump. The iv catheter can be used to administer also intravenous medication or anesthetics.

Hospitalization involves stay of your animal in one of ours hospitalization boxes, where they receive the treatment as well as water and any special food they require. In the majority of the cases patients hospitalized also receive the infusion therapy. Every patient has a hospitalization card, where we write down all the information about the patient, the medication and the treatment plan. Cats also have their own cat litter box and dogs are being walked on a regular bases.  

Most of the patients are hospitalized only during the day and for the night they return home to their owners. Urgent and serious cases stay overnight.

Visits of the hospitalized animals are possible after an agreement with the treating doctor. In cases of animals sick with and infectious disease the visits might be limited or impossible. The prices of the hospitalization and infusions don’t include medication, food or other diagnostic tests (like ultrasound, X-rays, blood tests etc.). The price of the infusion therapy may also differ based on the use of fluids and materials (catheter, tubes, gloves, needles, bandages, pads, disinfection etc.)


Price list of hospitalization and postoperative care

cca 800,- Kč/day
Patient hospitalization (estimation with treatment and diagnostic tests)
3500 - 4500,-Kč
+ every other day
+ 2000 - 2500,-Kč