Veterinární klinika Nusle
Boleslavova 20
Praha 4-Nusle
140 00


There are blue zones without payment machines along the entire length of Boleslavova Street. The only option for clients who are not residents is to pay via virtual parking hours on the above website, event. after downloading the MPLA application. The maximum standing time is limited to 3 hours. The price per hour is CZK 40. There are already parking meters in Čiklova Street, which is a short distance from our office. It is possible to park for free at Bratří Synků square for the time being, but it can be difficult to find a parking space here during peak hours.

On foot/by public transport

  • Metro stop Vyšehrad and then a 7-minute walk down the hill to Boleslavova street.
  • Tram stop "Divadlo na Fidlovačce", then walk through the park by the theater Na Fidlovačce, approx. 2 minutes
  • Tram/bus stop "Náměstí bratří Synků", approx. A 3-5 minute walk to us along Boleslavová Street on Kopečko