Orthopedic examination focuses on the musculoskeletal system. General one can be performed by any doctor at our clinic, for special cases an appointment with our specialist, MVDr. Kamil Schwetter, can be set.

In cases of known diagnosis, for example referrals from other clinics, or need of specialized orthopedics diagnostics, for example X rays for hip dysplasia, we ask you to make an appointment phone 603257493 or email info@veterinanusle.cz.
Orthopedic surgeries are done exclusively by MVDr. Kamil Schwetter.

Specialized diagnostic like hip dysplasia evaluation, osteochondritis, elbow dysplasia comprises of the specialized clinical examination and experienced radiology. The price includes not only the work of the doctor but also writing down the evaluation report and if necessary picture on a CD/USB drive. Sedation and drugs used is also added, sedation is essential in most cases in order to achieve good quality pictures. Only the sedation usually makes about 500,- - 700,- from the final price (depending on the size of animal). However the price doesn’t include following therapy based on the findings (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, joint supplements..)

We always try to find the best solution for you and your pets. After establishing the diagnosis every option available and surgery procedure suggested to you will be explained and discussed in details with the doctor during the examination or before the surgery.
You can find details about the surgery preparation and care after the operation in the section about soft tissue surgery, specifically castrations.


Orthopedic treatment price list

Orthophedic examination (short, general)

390 - 590,- Kč
CHD+CED+OCD diagnostic/official + including spondylosis (+1000,-Kč)
3 500 - 5 000,- Kč
Patellar luxation (MPL, LPL)
12 000 - 14 000,-Kč
CCL, lateral suture procedure
9 000 - 11 000,- Kč
CCL, TTA procedure
CCL, TPLO procedure
20 000 - 25 000,- Kč
30 000 - 35 000,- Kč
Simple fractures
10 000 - 15 000,- Kč
Complicated fractures
15 000 - 25 000,- Kč