Basic care


Clinical examination begins with the identification and discussion of the case history of the patient. In case you are a new client, we need to register you into our system and write down information about you and your pet (name, address, phone contact etc.). Providing all these information you automatically give us your GDPR consent.

When it come to the case history the doctor will ask a lot of questions about the health issue bothering your pet. It is very important for us to get the whole picture of what is happening and what might have contributed to the current state. Therefore we appreciate if you share all the details you know, pictures and videos you might have. Also opinions of all the family members that take care of your fury friend. That is the best way for us to get the objective view and assess the correct diagnostic approach and begin the investigations and the right treatment.

Clinical examination can be general, we look at your pet as a whole and try to establish the reason of his/her troubles or recommend follow up examinations. Short examination focuses on an obvious isolated problem, for example a smaller wound, solitary bump etc). Check-up is literally checking up on a patient and his current treatment.

During an entry exam we get to know your puppy, kitten or any other baby pet animal, to see if there are no concerns regarding the growth and health. It can be booked also for an older animal that you want to register at our clinic and check the overall condition or the needs of preventatives. Be aware that if you have a sick animal the registration can be done when you come with the health problem. You don’t need to be registered before.

A specialized examination (like opthalmological, orthopedical or dermatological) can be performed by all of our doctors anytime. Of course if we recognize that the problem needs another consultation with more experienced specialist, we can schedule an appointment for you. If you already know you are dealing with a complex problem requiring a specialist you can ask for an appointment through an email or phone call.

We specialize in internal medicine of cats, dogs and small mammals, orthopedic and surgery of soft tissues, dermatology and stomatology. Cases that are very complicated and require very special care we send to reference clinics with the whole record, results and recommendations. Consultation can be additional to a clinical examination. However it mainly includes the visits of owners without their animals to discuss their pet’s health. It can be also charged during a visit after a phone or email consultation. In this case we will always point that out during the phone call or in the email.


Price list of basic treatment

Clinical examination (general, short or a check-up)
180 - 420,- Kč
Eye examination
200 - 450,-Kč
Ear examination
150 - 250,- Kč
Entry exam
Orthopedic examination
350 - 450,- Kč
Neurological examination
450,- Kč
Dermatological examination
450,- Kč
Consultation (depends on the extent)
100 - 300,- Kč