Diagnostic and imaging methods


We have a microscope with immersion, X-ray machine with direct digitization, ultrasound, hematology and biochemistry blood analyzing machines and a urine analyzers to our disposal at the clinic.
Radiology and ultrasounds are performed with the owners and their help. In some cases we do these test without the presence of the owner in hospitalized animals.

Ultrasound prices differ based on the length and complexity of examination.
Urine analyses as the chemical testing, urine sediment and the urine density is done at the clinic. Special tests are forwarded to a special laboratories and the prices vary according to the prices of the lab.
Urine is best when fresh, that means 2 hours after collection, ideally without refrigeration. Urine can be brought in any clean plastic or glass recipient, it doesn’t have to sterile.

Urine collection can be done by the owner from spontaneous miction or collection of fresh urine from a non absorbent surface. In some cases when the urinary tract is obstructed we can use a catheter introduced into the urinary tract. Sterile collection of urine through cystocentesis is also used very often for a lot of urine tests.
Cystocentesis is relatively easy and simple procedure that doesn’t require any sedation or preparation of the patient, only at least half full bladder.

Microscopic examination of colored and native smears are done at the time of the consult. That helps us making a good diagnostics and giving the best suited therapy. Favorite findings of the kids are fleas and mange, not such a good news for the parents.


Price list of diagnostic and imaging methods

X-rays 1 picture (depending on size of the animal)
550 - 650,- Kč
X-rays (following pictures)
+ 250,-Kč
X-rays contrast study
2500 - 3 500,- Kč
300 - 600,-Kč
Ultrasound for pregnancy
450,- Kč
Complex biochemical blood test
690 - 1500,- Kč
Complex hematology blood test
650,- Kč
Urine testing (depending on type)
100 - 300,- Kč
Microscopic examination of smears (rectal, vaginal, skin)
250,- Kč