Ophtalmology and Otology


We perform basic diagnostics and therapy of the ear and eye diseases. In general the most common problems are infections and inflammations.

We are capable to examine ear swabs and smears under the microscope to diagnose the type of ear infection. We then try to establish the type of medication best suited for the type of the problem, owner’s abilities and possibilities to administer the medication showing how to apply the treatment during the consult. Ear surgery procedures can also be performed at our clinic, for example suturing of ear traumas, surgical solutions of othematomas, resection and ablation of the ear canal etc.

Regular eye examination can include basic diagnostic tests (fluorescein test, Schirmers measurement of tear production, eye pressure measurement etc.). We are well equipped to execute operations such as eyelid plastic surgery, keratectomy, conjuntival flaps, enucleations, eviscerations or plastic surgery of tear ducts. Complicated cases that don’t respond to therapy are sent to a specialist with complete records. 


Price list of ophthalmology and otology

Clinical examination of eyes, ears (small, extensive)
150 - 450,- Kč
Cleaning of affected ears, eyes
150 - 250,-Kč
Medical treatment of ears/ eyes
500 - 1000,- Kč