Stomatologic clinical examination is examination of the mouth and teeth. That can be performed on its own as a small clinical examination in case of obvious problems like for example salivating, bad mouth smell, pain chewing solid food etc.).
It also forms part of all clinical examination. We always check the mouth and the teeth before vaccination, during entry exam of puppies and kitten, but also assessing the general state of your pet during any consult.
The price of dental cleaning is often very complicated to estimate, especially on phone without seeing the animal. The reason is that we get the complex idea of the state of your pet’s dentition only while they are under sedation or full anesthesia and we can see and probe all the teeth properly.

Anesthesia and everything around it is similar to the information about sterilizations. Sedation is used in younger animals that are coming just for dental cleaning but their teeth are healthy. Unfortunately in some cases we find pathological changes on the teeth and in many cases we need to make an X-ray picture to make sure that the root and the structures around are intact.
Some patients can receive antibiotic treatment prior to the dental surgery to heal the mouth, some will receive them after the dental. All the patients receive painkiller not just during the procedure but also as a home medication in form of pills/syrup in order to feel comfortable and have a fast recovery.

In all the older patients we also recommend blood tests previous to the anesthesia. We can make sure that anesthesia is safe for your pet, just as well as the painkillers and antibiotics after the procedure.
X-ray pictures might be necessary to make an exact diagnostics, especially which teeth need extraction.
Sutures are placed after extractions, especially multiextractions. That helps to a better healing, lesser bleeding. Inhalation complete anesthesia is always used in multiextractions, monitoring the vital functions. X-ray is often done before or during multiextraction, also antibiotics are usually necessary.  Patients are left on an infusions therapy afterwards to recover well, that is one of the reasons multiextraction prices are higher.

Dental procedures are very rarely joined with other surgical procedures. You always need an appointment. Our dental specialist is MVDr. Eliška Slunéčková. But all the doctors are capable to perform basic dental examination.
Teeth problems are very common in small mammals. However we are not equipped to deal with all of them. Some dental diseases require further diagnostics like a CT scan, that we don’t have. Basic evaluation of the proper occlusion, teeth overgrowth or less complicated periapical abscesses are definitely in our capabilities to deal with. We always choose inhalation anesthesia. Only in cases on patients that are very good and cooperate we can lime the incisors without sedation.


Stomatology price list

Dental treatment - Cat (excluding teeth extractions,X-ray, blood tests)
2500 - 3000,- Kč
Dental treatment - Dog (excluding teeth extractions,X-ray, blood tests)
3000 - 4500,-Kč
Intaoral X-rays - Cat/Small dog
+1000 - 1500,- Kč
Intraoral X-rays - Medium/Large dog
+ 1500 - 2000,-Kč
Preoperative biochemical blood test
+ 790,- Kč
Closed extraction incisor teeth/ premolars
+ 500 - 1000,- Kč
Surgical extraction of canine teeth/P4 or M1
+ 700 - 1500,- Kč